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Who we are

Virtual Xperience the #1 solution for businesses to engage with their customers and employees to drive measurable business results. We have set out to change the way we connect with one another in the digital world.  Whether you're looking to take a break with your team, get to know new colleagues, or simply gift a client a unique Xperience they'll never forget - we're here to bring your vision to life.  Our expert and celebrity talent pour their hearts into their craft, so expect to have fun while learning a new skill or two!  


Best of all, our Xperiences come with everything you need delivered right to your doorstep.  Xperience kits are perfectly curated to include a variety of ingredients, tools, and full instructions that will allow you to follow along seamlessly.  Welcome to the world of Virtual Xperiences, choose your favorite from our selections and book today!


What we care about


We take pride in every part of our Virtual Xperiences, from the top talent we vet to lead a session to every single item included in our kits.

With over 20 diverse chefs, experts, and instructors to choose from - we're confident you can find the perfect Xperience for unforgettable shared moments.

Talent Statistics:


Eco friendly initiatives

Our team is constantly focused on crafting the best Xperiences with sustainability in mind. This means:

We limit inventory of single-use plastic

Utilize compostable ingredient bags

And ship all kits in recyclable boxes

WWF partnership

We also understand that sustainability can't be contained to tangible goods, so we've partnered with a world-leading conservation fund that focuses on endangered species and preserving natural habitats in 100+ countries worldwide. Every single Xperience purchase includes a direct donation and symbolic "adoption" of a leading endangered species such as Cheetahs, Pandas, African Rhinos, and more. 





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